Greatest Magic (Revealed)

This cool magic trick learning site explains how to conjure up many excellent easy illusions , amazing coin tricks, group levitation secrets for card magicians. Revealing simple close up trick routines where you can soon find yourself learning the art of vanishing coins and shuffling and forcing cards as you master these powerful crowd pleasures.

Remember that even though you know how to do the workings of a trick, the real secret of a good magic trick is in the delivery and performance of the magic by the magician. This is something that will develop with practice and confidence and you can experiment with different timings, different patter and even by introducing a little lighthearted comedy into the act. It’s what works best for you as an individual. Learn how to throw cards. Practice which patter you feel comfortable with to help you on your way to becoming one of the better pro street magicians such as Dynamo.

You have great opportunity to practice your magic skills in the field of coin and card magic due to the small size of these props. Easily carried around, they can be readily available to be used at any free opportunities or moments during your day when you can put in a few minutes practice.

Cards are especially good for performing close up or micromagic as it is sometimes known as. There are many professional magicians who perform close up micromagic, among the best being Michael Ammar and Jay Sankey.

The age old principle applies that when these routines are practiced little and often, then this should hopefully improve your smooth handling of the cards and coins and help you deliver an excellent performance.

If you have any good quality ideas that you would like to see published on this site, please submit it to us by email and if suitable, the trick will be shown on this site, so we look forward to hearing from you.

Pull Cards From Thin Air 

Appear to pull cards from thin air with this easy to set up guide to one of the classic and enjoyable basic moves of card magic.

Do not be fooled by the simplicity of this easy card sleight. It is very visual and can be a real reputation maker.

This move is timeless and you will be able to perform an impressive card production easily and confidently, after following this easy sleight of hand guide.

Effect: Amazing audience reaction because even though it’s clear your hand is empty, you appear to grab card after card from behind their ears, under tables, even from thin air!

You Will Need: 1) Pack Of Cards 2) Practice, practice, practice.

How To Do The Trick:

Step 1 – A small stack of cards should be held in the palm of the hand in palm position . Choose an amount of cards that you feel comfortable holding. It is not necessary to hold a lot of cards( try and work out how many you plan to produce and count them out before the trick)   1

Step 2– Grip the edge of the pack with your fingers and use your thumb to peel of the top card.2

Step 3– Continue using your thumb to move the card up to the audiences view, held beween the thumb and fore finger. 3

Step 4– At the same time as you are pivoting up the card, the hand should be lunged forward slightly as if the card.   4

Step 5– Continue to produce cards from the air in this manner,throwing down each card to the audience before producing the next card as if by magic has been grabbed from thin air.  5

Practice this trick in front of a mirror to see it from an audience eye view and get to get the best angle for the trick to be performed. ♣

Please stay tuned for the next greatest magic to be revealed 🙂

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